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>> eric: we have to leave it here. thank you for watching. welcome to "red eye." i'm edgy comedian tom sh -- shaw lieu. went on sale on tuesday. but do you know what happened at the same time? my new stand up album went for sale over $1.99. let's go to andy levy for the pre game report. >> our top story tonight, it is general mayhem as yet another top military commander finds himself em broid in the -- embroiled in the petraeus affair. and it is a tax on fats and it raises prices and puts jobs at risk. it is a shocking story.
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and finally, who will "people" magazine name as its sexiest man of the year on wednesday sphwh sphwh -- on wednesday? tonight will be a late night in the levey household because i will be up late playing assassin's creed. >> thank you. >> it was my pleasure saying most of those thicks. >> -- things. >> i met her during a hoss steming crisis in -- hostage crisis in los angeles. it is diane ma -- macedo. and i met him in 1989 when our boss invited us to a weekend in the hamptons, so -- but he died before we got there. so we had a good time without him. and i met him while working on adult films in the late 70s. he was the sound guy who went by the name of scotty, but now goes by bill schulz. and next to him, author and tv personality and america's bad boy, greg gutfeld.
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since he is letting me fill in, i will mention his book "the joy of hate" on sale. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> it is like a love triangle, but with four sides. if only there were a word for that shape. the petraeus scandal may have sunk another four-star general as the american commander, john allen is being investigated for inappropriate communications with a woman at the center of this mess. allen allegedly exchanged hundreds of flirtatious e-mails with jill kelley who alerted the fbi when she received harassing e-mails from paula broadwell. and don't order yet. there is more. fox confirms the agent she notified and who triggered the investigation was removed from the case because of his behavior which included sending shirtless photos of himself to kelley. "red eye" acquired a taper
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portedly of the agent. can we see that? >> owe. >> will you quit? >> owe indeed. diane, as the scandal widens, is anyone safe? i feel like i am going to be dragged into it. >> it doesn't bowed well that the leader of one of the greatest intelligence agencies in the world can't send off a few shady e-mails without blowing his cover. >> do you think the cia -- the sheen is off it basically. >> i still don't understand why this forces resignation, necessarily. they said the main issue was being vulnerable to black mail. if you tell the whole world it mitigates that. like i said, it doesn't bowed
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well for a spy agency. >> interesting. it is only woman on our panel thinks it is okay. he shouldn't be fired for this. >> what does this scandal mean? and secondly, does it have meaning? and thirdly, what is the meaning of this? >> i was walking down the street and a jerk said, hey, maybe he was black mailed by a black mail. he said what do you mean? i said obama. i said get out of my face. you are disgusting. >> i get it, a black male. >> it was a horrible thing to say. men in power attract by yoking graw fers. they feed into the ego and ego thirsts for sex. when you are married to somebody powerful, you have to shop for the biogropher the way you shop for a nanny. they need to be male and fat. when you see a biographer that is attractive, that is a problem. biographers willisen to your husband's stories even know you have heard them a thousand
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times. >> that's why you had mr. pinch. >> the nanny has to be fat and male. the biographer has to be fat, male and hygiene issues. >> you said unattractive. i want a bear-ogropher. >> i will just say my biogropher was a male and i did sleep with just once. the by yoking biography was a big negative. it was a tough thing. i don't know. should i say something seriously? >> have i a question for you -- i have a question for you. does it reveal a catch 22 in the military if you are a powerful general that is going to open opportunities for adultery, but the more adultery you have the more chance you have to have a breech in national security, breeches in national security are very sexy. it is going to cause a vicious
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circle. what do you think? >> i haven't a clue of what you just said or asked. do you mean it is the guys can have lots of affairs ? that is true. you are the head of the cia. i have to take issue with the sheen of the cia having left because of this scandal. that happened in 1945 when it was created. it is not an effective agency. >> is this the nail in the coffin? >> that is a better question. >> it is a charlie sheen cia. or afro sheen cia. >> is it petraeus' fault? the mistress' fault? is it the guy who took his shirt off sph? >> it is the chick. they ruin everything. >> all of their fault. >> can't keep secrets. i learned a lot. i learned cyber harassment is
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a federal crime. yikes, did not know that. i learned this kelley girl, or chick to use the feminist term referred to herself as an unpaid socially yea son which begs the question what in the hell is an unpaid social liason? and haven't we all been a some . unpaid social liason. >> are you one here. >> i am a social liason? >> this kelley woman actually started some charities there may be tax problems that go along with that. >> can i point out one thing, details and tidbits that are coming out. the administration benefits from the fact that there is so much stuff coming out that larger issues #r* ignored whether it is ben gay you swree or health care. they are blinding us and throwing it in our face. it is fun. i mean, god, it is better
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talking about this than the election. >> it is like an episode of "melrose place." >> although is there a danger? right wingers will try to make a connection between benghazi. and there may not be. then they will ignore the benghazi thing altogether. what do you think of that? >> it doesn't look like there is a connection. there is something else here. you don't send the e-mails to a phony ambassador in tampa and have the fbi raid your house last night. she was in possession of what appeared to be classified documents. >> that's what i was trying to get at. why did he resign so quickly 1234* why was this investigation so huge? >> that's just it. >> it was between sentcom and middle eastern officials in lebenon and various other
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countries. >> i said this on "the five" the administration uses the affair to keep petraeus in line. i don't care if it is not true. >> it opens up more questions than answers. >> i realize you were a waiter once. >> how can you tell? >> you said don't order yet. there's more. when you were doing the teases, it was like you were reading specials. >> i was actually trying to act like an infomercial. >> no. you were a waiter. >> from resignation to reservations. when is lingerie not okay dism dash dosh okay? last week's fashion show had a model in a native american headdress. apparently to represent the month of november and not surprisingly some found it offensive. they released a saint saying -- a statement saying we have gone through the
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atrocities to survive and ensure our way of life continues. any mockery whether it is halloween, victoria's secret or this segment, they are spiting on us and spiting on our culture and it is upsetting. victoria's secret apologized via twitter as did the model kloss. she said i am deeply sorry of what i wore during the vs show. i support vs' decision to remove the outfit from the broadcast. oh come on. you know who refuses to apologize 1234* self-hating cat. >> learn to love you, sc. what does that mean? greg, victoria secret's facebook wall is covered with chents, but -- comments, but not the ones you would expect. one asked why dress dressing
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up like angels with ass is okay for christians, but polka hahn it is a is -- polka hahn it is a is upsetting. >> unless you are a part of a group you can't comment on it. like elizabeth warren, i am not native american. so it is hard to comment on this to say i don't feel the pain of the particular group. i do believe it is phony and outrageous and fake. the worst thing is having to apologize for something that you realize isn't mean, everybody knows they didn't mean to hurt anybody. they were just finding a cool, sexy stylistic way to show off lingerie. >> she looks great. >> she looks amazing. >> it is a salute to the native american garb more than anything. but the more sobering part about it is intentions these days is meaning less. it doesn't matter what you felt or how you felt about saying anything.
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it is that somebody can perceive it as offensive and that's all that matters. we know they didn't mean offense, but they still had to apologize. that is not good. >> what if you create a failed government program? >> exactly. >> that's genius. it is for the greater good. if they had done an incredibly expensive runway thing where women were wearing something absolutely horrible that cost billions of dollars like solar panels, it is for the greater good. that's okay. >> diane, what does the navajo nation have against being sexy and also would you wear the headdress in public? >> i will not answer any of the questions, but i will talk about the topic. we heard them talk about mockery. nobody looks at intent anymore. there was no intention to be disrespectful. it is a fashion show.
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they are showing how beautiful the headdress is. because somebody decided to look at it out of context and decided to get offended there is a huge outrage. >> you said they were spiting. >> yes, they aring monthing us. and that's not what the intent here. >> spiting is literally spiting. that's why i hate when they use language like that. literally it is really bad to be spit on. >> if they brought the headdress out, they were attempting to be offensive against the native americans. that wasn't the intention here at all. it is equivalent to somebody who is religious and saying that the fact that they are victoria secret angels is uh offensive too. >> michael, is there going to be backlash? it is 2012? i keep waiting for the backlash, but they keep moving the goalposts. is the hypersensitivity ever going to end? >> no, it won't. the incredible thing about this is -- by the way, to your point, it is a good point.
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if your intentions -- if you are a terrorist group give away free breakfast to children and then blow things up. well they did give free breakfasts to kids. there is a weird mix up here. the other nick is that -- the other thing is it does president matter if it is christians with angels or with kilts or something. it is ridiculous. and this woman who says you are make magazine a mock cree. it is trivialization of my blood ancestry. there is something that does fit the qualification. it is the casino industry. that should be more offensive to native americans that they are affiliated with stealing poor hopeless people's money rather than having an attractive woman sawn -- sauntering down the catwalk looking fetching. >> you are a smart guy.
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>> they provide entertainment. these people provide entertainment to lonely woman hooked up to to em pho emphysema. >> victoria secret models. >> no. >> bill, you found this sexy lingerie? >> yes, because i celebrate the sexiness of the navajo. >> i think it is navajo. >> okay, i celebrate the sexiness of the navajo, and the nava bob and the nava ed. you have paul allen who has phased out his line. and crazy lee, the redskin still is called the redskin. >> that one is offensive. >> last i checked those guys
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were the ones who were scalped. >> they are not with redskin? >> no. >> they would write letters, but they are too drunk to ssments. >> what makes them cry is when you throw your garbage out on the toy. on the highway. >> they are all albanian. from beauty to brains, is mankind losing its mind? they claim our intelligences are declining because we no loner -- we no longer need the two to survive. >> did you say intelligences? >> yes. the development of our intellectual abilities and the intelligence jeans occurred in relatively nonverbal groups of people before our ancestors emerge eds from -- emerged
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from africa. in this environment, intelligence was critical for staying alive. today we just need an ipad to get by. greg. the future says technologies will find a solution to our diminishing brain power. what do they mean by that solution? are the machines going to murder us all? >> the argument is that intelligence creates progress and progress makes us dumber by reducing the use of the genes. then thee theoretic should diminish progress and should stop this decrease in stupidity. it means it is bs. >> you didn't even listen to me. >> i did. and i am thinking of the machines. it is a different kind of intelligence. >> we are getting dumber. not by jeans, but by choice. we do dumb things because we
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can. survival has been replaced by recreation. recreation, 99% is doing stupid things like traveling to other countries is stupid because you could die, but you still do it anyway. it is better to stay in your apart meant and not do anything which is what you did when you wanted to survive. >> it is not better. >> get me the audio book. i don't read anything. >> diane, do you buy this complicated theory? >> i don't think it diminishes. it my concentrate the intelligence. if you think about it people don't sit around and figure things ow. they don't have to. that part of your brain is conditioned to work a certain way. it does make sense. the people finding these high-tech solutions are pretty smart. >> michael, you are a smarty pants -- don't you think the people who designed these machines -- >> and the smart guys have to
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be smart to come up with a study. i am not a scientist so i don't know if it is true. i don't have the skills to judge whether or not it is truement if the argument is that people are using ipads and it is making us dumb, they are using ipads. do you know how those are built? by really smart people. i don't know how that sbut it happens. just because we have tons -- >> none of us know anything. coming up -- >> andy can't travel because it is dangerous. and first, why is denmark abandoning its fat tax. where did i leave my car keys. they have been missing since yesterday.
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they scraped their war on snacks. it was a fat tax and the increased companies administrative costs and spurred citizens across the border to buy their junk food. the danish tax ministry added close to over $3 for every kilogram of saturated fat which according to the union lead to the loss of 1300 jobs. that hasn't stopped other idiotic countries from wanting to follow suit. david cameron said of a similar tax on his country, quote, look at america. how bad things have got there. what happens if we don't do anything? yes that should be a wake up call. that's not a wake up call. this is a wake up call. >> why -- what was that?
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>> look at you. look at her. >> he anticipated. >> you like it when the cat go boom. yes, you do. this is great. please drink something right now. >> what is this? >> greg, what does it mean? >> wow. >> number one, i have never been in denmark, so i am not entirely sure it is real. it is one of those places you hear about. >> shakespear yen. >> this is not about health. this is about heft. syntaxes are always about the tax and never the sin. that's all you need to know. anything harmful could be taxed. that is not harmful. that is something that saves lives. tax the carbohydrates. it is only done to create revenue for a government. nothing else. it is not interested in saving lives. >> can we get on our high horse about this? look what happened in our country with bloomburg and his taxes. he has taken away the
12:25 am
saturated fats and we can't have colt. salt. >> we just can't smoke the bath the is as. >> they are proposing salt bans. >> it is amazing. i think it is a heartening story. it is like what happens when rem control gets overturned in manhattan. if a fat tax is over hurricaned in denmark it is not going to happen this. it never works because in norway they drive to sweden. sweden drives to den mark and they go on to germany. they don't work for practical reasons. it is unbelievably stupid. >> you love these liberal politics. what do you think?>> will danis? i should have written that
12:26 am
one. this could work if you do the healthy food cheaper which i don't think they did. they recently de criminalized drugs. you can either go to town or you can have your drugs. you can't have both. secondly i would like to add that diane has a single tear coming down from her eye due to the cat video. what a reaction. >> they were tears of joy. >> look at her. look at her go. this is amazing. >> that cat is now in a wheelchair. >> apparently it is funny for you. >> it is red eye at fox and do you have a individual yore of your animal doing something, anything? go to fox eye and click on is up mitt a -- and submit a video. still to come, the half time report with andy levy. >> tonight is sponsored bio
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go. the breathing exercises exercises and postures from the -- from india. thanks, yoga.
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for that we go to tv's andy levy. >> thanks, tom. >> are you welcome. >> after being snagged in the
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petraeus affair, i was tarting to think i didn't take full advantage of my time in the military. diane, you said you are not really sure why petraeus had to resign since once the affair is public it can't be used as blackmail. there is a french expression which i will butcher. [speaking french]. >> you didn't butcher it at all. >> >> i think so. it says encouraging the others meaning when you are a leader you can't be doing stuff like this. >> the main reason they cited when they talked about his resignation was the vulnerability to blackmail which the second you go public with it -- >> i agree. i could have said it, but i chose to do it for tree. for free. >> by the way, i have been playing call of duty. i am totally stuck on the level where you have to beat the taliban while sending 20,000 e-mails. >> and the french pride themselves on thought being blackmailed over sex.
12:32 am
they don't consider it a bad thing. >> very true. >> they pride themselves on not being black mailed on stuff like this. >> at least somebody pays attention to me. >> tom, you brought up the part joe kelly started. she and her husband started a cancer society that went bank -- bankrupt after a year. >> and i think they spent exactly the amount of money this their till. they came out with a 0. >> they had like $137 in the charity and that's exactly what they spent. then they went bankrupt. >> the charities could be shady for tax purposes and people harass me. i keep my mouth shut. >> also, she and her husband have had foreclosure threats to two of their properties and lawsuits from creditors over credit card debt. the reason this was important
12:33 am
is because you got someone here with financial difficulties and access to top military officials which makes them a mark for foreign government. >> true. >> big time. >> michael, explain this. >> oh god. >> no, no. it is just a weird fact. i don't know if you saw this, broadwell the biographer recently lost her driver's license in washington's rock creek park and it was found by a jogger. >> is that true? >> u.s. news or world report don't publish for a magazine anymore. joy one, how the hell is it still around. and something weird is going on here. >> number one, first question, i own the domain now there is a bunch of fake news people
12:34 am
like you report. number two, there is as i said before so much more to this story. i actually believe broadwell's father who told "the daily news" trust me, hold on. other stuff is coming out. i don't know what it is, but i think it will be awesome. >> you know what is scary is if this somehow is with gary condit. >> don't even say that. >> this thing is an octopus. >> it is so great. >> it is like the 7 dries of -- degrees of what's his face? >> kevin bacon. >> and it keeps drawing in jerks. you find out one person is involved in a scheme and another person is doing this it hardens you. as long as you are a nice person. >> and every scandal needs these two in florida. what were they called?
12:35 am
one ultimately married a guy from journey. >> you never thought they would be involved in a scandal because they were great people. >> 1 degree from a scandal. >> i was thinking night ranger, but not journey. >> the person i feel bad for is shirtless asian man. he was on the verge of becoming famous, and then the allen thing broke. >> nobody reported who he is yet. do your job american journalists. >> yes, come on, journalists. >> you know the next step, shirtless and flexing. always happens, people. >> micha, did you say it was broadwell's dad who said there was more to this? >> yes. they say in 1983 he was convicted of threatening the boyfriend of his either then wife or ex-wife. they are not sure. >> what was he saying? >> they said she did it with this woman. >> this is what happens in
12:36 am
obama's america. >> thank you for saying that. andy, can i point out -- are you going to point out that the sister dated charlie chris? all of these newscasters say it is like pealing back an onion. it is not. it is like pulling the string of a pervert sweater. >> what i am wearing. >> doesn't have yellow in it. >> victoria secret apologizes after native american headdress. i tried to get a comment. but she has president returned my calls. can we see that picture again? >> who is looking at the headdress? >> bill is. >> the more offensive thing is they are made from the heads of dead, bald eagles. >> i don't believe it is true. >> it is true.
12:37 am
>> do you think native americans used artificial feathers? >> i believe they do. >> maybe they picked them up. they let them fall from the sky. >> authentic headdresses made from bald eagles. look it up. >> it is like the down substitute comfort beers. come -- comforters. >> when i am a panelist i have no respect. >> kind of the same. >> unnecessary. >> michael, you said what should really upset them is what with stealing poor helpless people's money. i am guessing that is revenge. >> i encourage them. if i were elizabeth i wouldn't be running for senate and i would be selling tax-free cigarettes in ? ewwbury port.
12:38 am
that's what they are associated with. >> research is saying our intelligence is diminishing. here is what i take from the story. we are getting dumber, but our pace of achieve meant will solve the problem. i told you it makes no sense. >> i was lead to believe that some of us are still smart. the greater whole were enjoying these things that some of women make. >> you should have got some of the bill. >> i can't understand why i can't use this with global warming. they will figure it out later. >> that's what we did with starvation and over pap layings. and over population. >> i think what greg meant was he was no longer hungry. >> he ate dinner. >> i had peanuts at the bar.
12:39 am
>> there you go. >> and then i had some food. >> den mar kills fat tax. it lead to job loss and hurt businesses to get their fatty foods. bill you said this could work if they made the healthy foods cheaper. who is they? >> the dames. >> i actually put together a complete list of all of the things american liberals will lorn from this. back to you, tom. >> coming up, what is the dark side of coffee addiction? diane macedo and why she pushed a small child into the starbucks when you got up. first, who will be people magazine's sexiest man alive? probably one of these three or not. what do i know? i am just a guy.
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will our nation unite around "magic mike"?
12:43 am
just when we need it most, channing tatum is about to be named the sexiest man alive, maybe. according to gossip cop, where i get my news, on wednesday the hunky actor will grace the magazine's cover in all his hunkiness. last year who could forget bradley cooper took the title shocking the world. especially the fans of ryan ryan gosling. and while tatum seems to be tops, they think perhaps there could have been a better choice like ryan -- ryan gosling or ryan gosling. let's discuss it in the -- >> lightning
12:44 am
>> they think he is the sexiest man alive because he is a real man. i say go channing. >> are you outing him as being not left wing? >> i was apply forget a job at vh1. what's up with that? channing tatum? >> is that a show? what's up with that? >> no, that's what you do when you are asked a question. >> let's go to diane. she is the only female on the panel. >> i am outraged and i am outraged because we show the stupid victoria secret model with her naked body twice now and i can't get a shirtless picture of channing tatum. he made a movie about striping. >> i don't like this stuff of guys choosing two last names. what kind of name is channing tatum. >> i nominate ryan gosling. but i would like to see them both without their shirts on. >> why do women love ryan
12:45 am
gosling so much? >> i will tell you why. he does this thing with his eyes. >> that's not working for you. >> you look like mr. mcgoo. >> imagine if i was attractive doing that. >> can you please repeat to the table what you just told me? >> say it. >> it was a question. >> which is ryan gosling? >> i don't know that one. >> i will crumble this book and throw it in your face. >> i often play dumb. i can't -- i don't know -- you see, i am behind the times. i found out he died this year so he was disqualified. i thought it would be alex carris. didn't he die this year? >> yes, he did. >> i am just trying to put my knowledge on a time continues us with. on a time continuum.
12:46 am
what film is he in? >> "driven" or" drive." >> he was in three movies out at the same time this year. >> >> bill, i am a straight man, as straight as they come, but if i were gay i think i would be into adrian brody, am i wrong? >> i like the underdog. >> adrian brody. >> you know what they say about the size of a man's nose. >> he is my type. >> they are very smart. >> he once bought a castle with a girlfriend in upstate new york. >> no longer together. >> google adrian brody castle pictures and it will make your night. i am not kidding. >> i am outraged i don't know who the other guy s. google the pictures. >> he is so cheesy he bought a castle with some girl -- >> he played the piano in the holocaust? >> no, they chose to pose in
12:47 am
photos in bathtubs of goblets of wine. >> i want to talk about another topic. >> a new study suggests that over the past 50 years pop music has become more moody. researchers found popular songs that switched from major to minor keys from bright and cheer toe to complicated and dark. and getting slower and longer in the 60 songs averaging 116 beats per main. per minute. >> i blame the snow patrol. >> they are a terrible band. >> have i a series that romantic music has done more harm than drugs because it insights you to identify with the song writer and to periods of depression that manages the attempts at suicide. you listen to the happy music and it seems weird. like the stuff in "boardwalk empire." >> i thought you were going to say the stuff in my i-pod.
12:48 am
>> do you remember anything that you listened to before you first heard rock music. i find it fascinating that you can't remember anything until you heard rock music. >> that's all i remember. >> we had records playing throughout my childhood. >> wonderful copings. songs. >> greg made a good point. i think is it the depressing music that makes you depressed or do depressed people graph tate toward depressing music. >> the whole premise is wrong. the songs that they are impressive and gloomy is not true. it was true when they stuck to the classical ways of creating music. most of the secure songs are not gloomy. >> it makes me cry. >> there is so much more going on with music other than people playing cords.
12:49 am
do you agree? >> i agree with her. greg, he was in one of the robert bjork moments. >> my favorite band is the smiths. >> can we say why this is happening? there used to be a small amount of people who controlled the industry. they opened up and the cure happened. my blood eval 11 tine happened. that's why. >> i never had time for it either. >> time for a break. there is more "red eye." we are coming back.
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here is how it works. we play a piece of take. we write the answer in salsa on the tv screen so i can see it.
12:54 am
>> what do you think? >> was that the predicted riots from the drudge report after obama won? >> diane, any thoughts? >> extreme cheerleading and i am excited i got to see him without a shirt on finally. >> that was the follow-up to gangham style without sound. >> is that what it was? >> greg, i think you have the correct answer. >> that was the tryouts for my bus assistant. he was the winner. by the way, here are the dates for the bus tour in support. 2* kicks off november 28th in florida. with stops in brandon and orlando. november 30th. three more in panama city. we are in alabama, birming
12:55 am
>> is your book going to crush other cars with its big wheels? >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up.
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you can catch greg on dennis miller's show at 12:30 p.m. eastern time and on your world with ?eel at 4:00 -- and with neil at 4:00 p.m. >> a new red eye returns tomorrow. >> time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, tom. >> it will be imus in the morning. fox and friends at 5:45 and fox news raid know in the afternoon. >> -- news radio in the afternoon. >> i have stuff on twitter but i will plug something else.
12:59 am
it is pete anderson the great guitar player is a "red eye" fan and has two dates left in new mexico. you should see them. they are awesome. >> cool. greg, i hear you have a book coming out or something? >> i think we have done that to death though. but yes i have a book if you haven't ordered it yet. go to or any bookstore. i think they exist still. that's me. >> pretty impressive sales figures. >> i think i look -- last time i checked 26. number one in commentary. >> that's 26 overall books at amazon. that's ridiculously impressive. >> that's weird. it is weird. it is amazing what good had writing can do. >> i think you meant editing. i don't really have anything. bill, anything? >> last night instead of plugging our pod cast lauren did an impression of her mopping. her mom.

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